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Ash is the term we use to describe the general mineral content of the food and is a legal requirement on all pet food labelling.

We try our very best to make sure all our products are updated with the latest version of packaging.

Here at The Barking Bakery we try to do things in an ethical way. That’s why you’ll find our dry food packaging is made with 100% recyclable materials – even the seal, which keeps the food lovely and fresh, and reduces food waste.

Our Customer Care team and Head Office are located in Kirkham. When calling our service line, or contacting us by email, you will deal with a member of our Kirkham based team.

It really depends on the breed and the individual dog. However our general guidelines are:

  • Small (5-10kg) – Between 8-10 months
  • Medium (10-25kg) – Between 10-12 months
  • Large (25-45kg) – At approximately 12 months
  • Very Large (45kg+) – At approximately 18 months

If your dog would prefer their food with water or even gravy, add it by all means. Just make sure you never add boiling water as this would damage the vitamins and minerals the food contains.