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So, dog cafe’s and all the info you need on them

Ok so some of these dog cafe’s we are seeing are super cute, I mean why didn’t people think of this idea before? Dogs are a HUGE part of society, and who wouldn’t love to go for lunch with their bestie (their beloved pup). We all know that the pet industry is huge, and people can spend thousands of pounds pampering their furry friend.

Dog cafe’s are scattered all over the UK, including Aberdeen, Manchester and Newcastle.

There are two types of dog cafe’s, one is where you visit with your dog and have tasty treats for both human and dog, and the other is where people without dog’s go and chill out with dog’s who are residential members of the cafe.


Un-resedential dog cafe’s:


Brew and Chew Perth.

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Brew and Chew is a dog friendly coffee shop in Perth, they stock our delicious treats including our Woofins, pupcorn and our mini trios. For the humans they serve freshly brewed coffee, hot drinks, freshly made soups and a selection of sandwiches, filled baguettes and panini’s. Cakes and scones always available too. So what would be better than having a brew and a cake with your furry loyal companion!

City Tavern Newcastle

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City Tavern is in-fact an extremely dog friendly pub! Although they don’t stock our products, they do offer a wide array of treats on their doggy menu. Order at the bar to be served by Dillon, Alfie or Hector- the bar hounds (All doggies). They also serve doggy pawsecco and beer. Go on, have a cheeky drink with your hound.

Residential dog cafe’s

Central bark Manchester

The café is just one part of a huge doggy day care complex, housed in a massive warehouse on the Roundthorn industrial estate. Central Bark is run by Tony and Tania Golden, from Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. Their menu includes our products such as woofins, pupcorn, celebration cakes and more.

The beach themed cafe features all things Hawaii, from Hawaiian flower necklaces, beach umbrellas and bench seating. This all is an escape for visitors as it’s nothing like rainy Manchester.

Separate from the Beach Dog Café are four dog play areas, distinguished by white picket fences, which can accommodate up to seventy dogs. An agility zone houses a trampoline for dogs to let off steam, while two other zones allow staff to separate dogs based on their personalities. In the centre, a Cuddle Tent is furnished with comfy sofas and heating for dogs and volunteers to snuggle up.


Edinburgh Chihuahua Cafe

The Edinburgh Chihuahua Cafe is a residential dog cafe in Edinburgh (obviously). The owner has a love for her Chihuahua Ama and has always felt a strong connection with her. The cafe has 5 Chihuahua’s roaming around, and you can book a date and time to come and sit with them and have a cuppa. Unfortunately the cafe isn’t open yet, but they do do doggy birthday parties and pop up events until they open later this year.

Now that concludes our little explanation on some of our fave dog cafe’s and we hope to stock lots more in the future. We looove the idea and we can’t wait to see what other crazy cafes will pop up over the next few years.

We have a new blog!

We have recently started a new blog, this is going to let you know what we- at the Barking Bakery is up to. We are also going to be posting information on dog friendly places, tips for looking after your dog and much more.

Just click here to access the site!


Watch this space!

We’ve just launched our very own store locator!

We are delighted to announce the launch of our brand new store locator! Due to popular demand for our tasty pet treats, we wanted our customers to be able to find out which stores stock our products.

All you need to do is drop your post code in the store locator and hey presto, you’ll be able to see the nearest store to your location.

We are working hard to expand the number of stores that you can purchase our treats and we will be providing updates on any newly added stores.

The great news is… we’re hoping to roll out our own online shop soon so watch this space!